Crashed and Damaged car report for February 2022

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February Crashed & Damaged Vehicle Report

Crashed & Damaged Vehicles

The crashed and damaged car report for the month of February 2022 has been released. It is hoped that you are not one of the motorists that may have been affected by the purchase of a previously damaged car.

Franchise Dealerships

The month of February saw a slight increase with 319 vehicles written-off compared to 312 vehicles in January. 

It is always a good idea to purchase a car from a main dealer, but occasionally, even main dealerships can get caught out and buy in a used vehicle, maybe which was traded in and discover after the fact that the used vehicle may have been previously damaged or written-off. 

It is also a good idea to purchase a full car history check before buying any used car, even from a main dealer.  Not all car checks are the same, though. It is quite is common for some car dealers to buy a vehicle on foot of a trade report by VMS (Vehicle Management System), the parent company of, and then sell that very same vehicle to a member of the public with an inferior report from another history check supplier. A report by another history check provider may not show any damage alert.  

Discrepancies at the main dealerships

In January, there were 107 vehicles that had some kind of mileage discrepancy at main dealers but again there was just the slightest of increases with 112 vehicles during February. It is always a good idea to run a car check before buying from any car, whether that be a franchise dealership, trader or privately.

Independent car dealers

During January there were 432 previously damaged vehicles sold at independent garages and in February the number was 321 damaged or written-off vehicles, a drop of 111 vehicles over the previous month.

When you buy a used car, you should never just take the seller's word for the background of the vehicle. A trader may say that the car “just had a tip”. This may very well be code for; it might have been damaged before, but I have told you just enough to cover myself and I hope it doesn’t come back on me’.  

Unscrupulous car traders are very prevalent in the used car market.  The only way to protect yourself from buying a damaged or categorised car is to get a background car check.

Discrepancies at independent dealerships

During January 2021 there were 159 vehicles, with discrepancies of some kind or another. There was just a decrease of 30 in February with 129 vehicles displaying a discrepancy on a history check. In some instances a mileage discrepancy cannot be resolved and so a certain number of these vehicles are found to be 'clocked' after investigation.

Private Car Sales Sector

The private car sector will normally have the biggest problems and the biggest risk when it comes to issues. During the month of February there were 418 vehicles sold in the private sector which were previously damaged or written-off and this was down by 62 vehicles from 480 in January.

When you buy a car privately, there is almost zero chance of any comeback or consumer rights after you have bought the car. It is imperative then, that you run a car check before you buy from a private seller and subsequently find out that there is a big issue with the vehicle that you may regret

It should be noted that many people who sell their cars privately may very well not know anything about the full background history of the car and may themselves have bought the car from the previous owner without knowing its true history.

The owner previous to the current owner may also have not known about car checks and so a buyer in the private market runs a bigger risk than buying from a main dealer. 

Mileage discrepancies in the private car sales sector

There was a huge increase in the number of discrepancies during January compared to the previous month. In January 309 vehicles were found with some kind of discrepancy on the record but this has almost doubled to 602 vehicles in February.  This was an increase of 293 vehicles over the previous month.

Don’t be one of these unfortunate car buyers. Even if you have already bought a car, it's never too late to run your car background check. It is best to do it sooner or later and even after you have purchased the vehicle just in case you need to contact the seller for quick resolution.

Thousands of cars are showing a hidden past each month, so make sure you know what you are buying. Your pre-purchase research should be second-nature as it will prove to be extremely important. Remember...

Every vehicle has a past, check if it has a future!

Crashed and Damaged


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