Older vehicles appear to be passing NCT

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77% pass rate in NCT for old vehicles 

Although they may be old now, classic cars from before the 1960s appear to be more attractive in comparison to more recent, younger vehicles. It has been noted that these so-called ‘old bangers’ have a 77% pass rate in the National Car Test (NCT). 

Figures from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) have shown that 10 out of 13 pre-1960’s vehicles that went for the NCT in 2018 had passed. 

This list of vehicles even included the oldest car to ever have undergone the NCT, a 1932 Roll’s Royce

This high pass rate of these vehicles dating back 60 years would be indicative that these cars have been maintained to the best standard to obtain such results. In contrast a disappointing 49.2% pass rate for 1.43 m cars tested by the NCT nationwide just last year. 

However, cars registered from 1960 on do not fare quite as well. They show a strong correlation between pass rates and the age of the vehicle and are more liable to fail the NCT.

Are new cars really all they're cracked up to be in light of the respected figures released by the RSA. 


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