Garda cars now being used to wake up sleeping homeless people in Dublin city centre

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Garda cars now being used to wake up sleeping homeless people in Dublin city centre

Members of An Garda Síochána were caught on video this morning waking up a sleeping homeless person by sounding the car horn.

The Garda patrol vehicle was seen driving down Dublin's Henry Street, honking its horn to wake the homeless.

The video above, was captured by the Irish Independent's video team out on the streets of the Capital.

In the video clip, the Garda car can be seen in front of a man sleeping in a blue sleeping bag, honking the horn.

When the man raises his head, it is only then, that the Garda vehicle moves along.

According to a witness at the scene, the Gardai moved down the street, waking one up, before they would then "drive on to the next one".

"They woke at least four people. One guy in particular they blasted the sirens at because the horn didn't seem to wake him,"

"Once they woke up they would drive on to the next one. I'm in the city centre a lot but have never seen it happen before, I was shocked.

"Other people on the street seemed to be as shocked as me. Surely the guards have better things to be worried about than sleeping homeless people.

"I was outraged at what I saw."


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