Gardai seize car with fake tax, insurance and NCT discs

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Gardai seize car with fake tax, insurance and NCT discs

A learner driver has had their car seized after it was discovered by Gardaí they were driving without tax, insurance NCT as all disks displayed on their car were fake.

Gardai in Dublin seized a car this morning after a learner driver was found to be driving with false tax, insurance and NCT discs.

The car was stopped in the city centre by the Dublin Metropolitan Region's Commercial Vehicle Unit.

It was only after the guards discovered the driver was a learner permit driving unaccompanied that they found that the tax, insurance and NCT discs on display in the car were all fake. Gardai tweeted:

"Dublin Metropolitan Region - Commercial Vehicle Unit stop motorist in City Centre, learner driver with false Tax, Insurance and NCT discs. Vehicle seized court to follow."

Fake tax, insurance and NCT discs

Over the weekend, Gardai also seized a number of other cars on the Naas Road and in the process, they discovered who tested positive for cocaine.

The driver was initially stopped for speeding after being caught doing 82km/h in a 60 km/h zone. This driver also had no tax or insurance and as a result, was arrested at the scene.

No Tax or Insurance

The Naas Road Policing Unit also found a learner driver had taken their L plates down when they were stopped because of a faulty rear light, while another car was seized for having no tax, insurance or NCT.


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