Greens want to lower motorway speed limits to cut carbon emissions

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Greens want to lower motorway speed limits to cut carbon emissions

Ireland is already one of the ‘greenest’ countries in the world but the Green Party wants more restrictions on speed limits, not for safety reasons, but to cut carbon emissions.

They reportedly looked at cutting the speed limit on Irish motorways from 120 km/hr to 110  km/hr.

The speed limit on motorways could be reduced as part of the Green Party's proposals to reduce carbon emissions.

During the Programme for Government negotiations, the Greens lobbied for the 120 km an hour speed limit to be reduced.

In their obsession with carbon emissions, they believe that it would improve fuel consumption but the downside for all us mortals is the increase in travel times. 

It was concluded, though, that this proposal would not be implemented in the Programme for Government, but there has been a commitment to review of the speed limits.

Green Party Councillor for Cork City, Dan Boyle said it was just one of a number of suggestions. He said: 

"We need to get people thinking about the level of speed we use on our roads. There are road safety concerns, of course, but the faster we go the more we use our fuel.

"Fuel itself creates carbon emissions, as a country we have continuing problems with carbon emissions.

"So as a part of a package of measures in reducing carbon emissions across the country, how fast we go, how often we travel and how are issues we need to address."


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