Lady Drives the Same Car for Almost 60 Years!

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Have you ever had a car that you never wanted to part with?

Well, that’s how one woman felt, so much so that she has kept her car for almost 60 years.

Watch this amazing video showing Grace Braeger driving her 57 Chevy.

Grace Braeger originally bought her Chevrolet for $2,250 and she likes it so much, she said she’ll never change it.

Actually, this car definitely falls into that perfect description for a second-hand vehicle of “low mileage, mint condition, 1 lady owner, with service history.” What more could a driver ask for!

Back in 2011, the car had only 116,000 miles on the odometer which is next to nothing for such an old car.

Doing the math, you soon realise that the car covered only 5 miles every day over its lifetime and it’s still motoring strong.

Grace has been faithful to one car for all this time which is something amazing. She loves it.

Ask yourself a question, if you could pick one car and drive it for the rest of your life, what would it be? A 57 Chevy maybe?

It may be a lot harder today to envision such a scenario because cars just aren’t like anymore like they used to be and the modern car cannot handle the years as they once could.

Comment down and tell us what car would you choose to drive for the rest of your life?

Would it be a sports car, a truck, or just a luxury saloon? A Rolls Royce or Bentley maybe?

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