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Nationwide Car Market Overview for July 

Research conducted by revealed the top 10 most popular used cars sold by independent and franchise dealers across Ireland for July 2016 as well as the vehicles that are shifting the quickest. data shows what was in demand in the month of July that is being sold by independent and franchise dealers. This is a good indicator of what Irish people are looking for in terms of second-hand cars and what exactly they are buying. This data may be useful for potential vehicle buyers, giving them an insight into what the most popular cars are.

2012 cars are the most sold used vehicles by independent dealers in July. This may suggest that more and more people across the country are trading up their car after 4 year period which may not have been the case a couple of years ago, opting for a trade-in after a longer period of time.

The Ford name is dominating the independent table with 4 Ford Focus’s in the top 10 and 1 Ford Mondeo, coming in first, second, third, seventh and tenth on the list. People are sticking to the trusty vehicles they feel will do a good job for years to come. Makes that also make the list include, Volkswagen, Opel and BMW. The quickest top 10 sellers are not the most popular cars sold in Ireland. None of the quickest sellers makes it to the top seller's list.

In the franchise, dealers top 10 lists we see a similar picture with the most popular vehicle being a 2014 Diesel Ford Focus. The diesel Audi cars come in a total of 3 times on the list, second most popular being the 2013 Diesel Audi A6, 2013 Diesel Audi A4 and followed by the 2014 Diesel Audi A6 in fourth place. Comparable to the independent dealers, the 2015 Diesel Opel Insignia and the 2015 Diesel Opel Astra is shown.

None of the best selling vehicles for franchise dealers materialises on the top 10 quickest sellers with the 2013 Petrol Audi A1, The 2015 Mitsubishi Space Star and the 2012 Diesel Volvo V50 taking the first three spots.

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