Mazda claim new technology will make petrol cars more greener than electric

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Mazda claim new technology will make petrol cars more greener than electric

Car manufacturer, Mazda has said they will have 'super-green' models on the road by 2019.

They claim that the new petrol engines will be 'greener' than electric and if anyone is still doubtful, they say you will get a chance to see for yourself by 2019.

They claim their new-tech petrol engines will produce lower emissions than electric drive-trains when the entire span of their life "from well-to-wheel"  is taken into account.

The new lower emissions technology from Mazda combines both spark and compression (normally for diesels) ignition in petrol engines. The company says that this will increase efficiency by 30pc.

If Mazda cars become more eco-friendly than even electric cars, legislators may have to re look at their data on combustion engine emissions compared to EV.

The new Mazda technology will use efficiency-boosting compression ignition technology The new engines will be called Skyactiv-X and they will replace the current Skyactiv-G range.

They claim efficiency is improved by up to 30pc and can match, if not better, their current diesels.

They emphasised that the new technology will enable Skyactiv-X engines to produce lower emissions than electric drive-trains whenever their life from well-to-wheel is accounted for.

This will be the first time that such commercial use of compression ignition technology has been used on mass-production cars.

The system mixes petrol and air in the engine's cylinder, just like conventional spark-ignition engines. However, it then ignites it by using compression as well as a spark. It is estimated that reduces the amount of petrol required by half.

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