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Seatbelt issues in Toyota Proace cause for recalls 

Toyota is carrying out a 'voluntary' recall of all Proace vehicles. 

The Proace vehicle which is manufactured by Toyota between the years of 2016-2019 is being recalled due to safety concerns, with 1027 vehicles being affected in the Irish market. 

The company has put this alert out with concerns that the seatbelts may unbuckle themselves. 

A warning said in the event of emergency braking, the buckle on the window seat-side at the front of the van may unbelt unintentionally.

"If this occurs, the passenger sitting in the affected seat would not be secured by the seat belt in the event of an accident."

The company intend to contact all owners which may be affected by these concerns and bring the vehicle in for inspection and fix any issues that may be present. 

It is also possible for car owners to check on the Toyota recall checker if your vehicle is involved or they can contact Toyota customer relations on 01 419 0222.


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