Motorist caught driving a car with tax expired for almost 13 years

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Motorist caught driving a car with tax expired for 13 years

Gardaí apprehended a motorist who was driving a car with tax out for almost 13 years.

The driver was pulled over at a checkpoint by the cops in County Kildare near the town of Kill.

The Guards were flabbergasted to see the last time the vehicle was taxed. It had expired 4,676 days before.

The car was obviously impounded, as it's been thirteen years since it was taxed and the driver can expect a hefty fine and presumably a prosecution? A garda spokesman wrote on Twitter: 

"Naas Roads Policing Unit stopped a car at a checkpoint in Kill.

"A check using mobility App revealed that the Tax was out of date 4676 days ( nearly 13 years) car impounded.

"Proceedings to follow. The mobility project is an initiative under A Policing Service for the Future."

Motorist caught driving a car with tax expired


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