Exhibits at Auto Trade Expo 2016

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Auto Trade Expo 2016

The Auto Trade Expo 2016 took place over the weekend and the and VMS (Vehicle Management System) and  team were there to showcase the many services that they have to offer.  

This is the third successive year that the Auto Trade Expo has taken place and it is growing in size and visitor numbers each year, with exhibitors from all over Ireland, Britain and Europe.

There was a number of specialists on hand at the show, to provide expertise advice in their respective fields and many new product ranges were displayed at the EXPO.

The next Auto Trade Expo will take place in 2018 as it is being marketed as a biennial exhibition, so the attendance this year was very high.

[caption id="attachment_1243" align="alignnone" width="960"]14720502_908518925944821_3952350903784481586_n The Team at this years Auto Trade Expo[/caption]

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My Vehicle is owned and operated by VMS (Vehicle Management System), who provide a range of services to the entire automotive industry ranging from Insurance Companies, Independent Vehicle Assessor's, Financial Institutions, Independent and Franchise Motor Dealers. VMS have partnerships with the most prestigious institutions such as The Dublin Institution of Technology (DIT), The Institution of Automobile Engineer Association (IAEA) and The Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).

Our data comes from a range of official trade and independent sources and is updated in real time, ensuring the highest standards of quality vehicle data that is relevant to those considering purchasing or selling a vehicle.

My Vehicle is a totally independent and wholly owned Irish company with all staff members having years of experience directly within the following sectors: Motor Trade, Finance, Underwriting, Leasing, IT Computer Programming, IT System Development, IT Website Development, Data Analysing and Fraud.

The Mission

My Vehicle is fully committed to providing a low costing service to the general public that delivers the most relevant and crucial information on Irish and UK Registered Vehicles.



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