New driving penalties come into force today

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New penalties for drivers to come into force from February 1, 2022

Driving Penalties coming into force

New driving penalties are coming into force today in Ireland.

From now on, any drivers who park up on the footpath could be liable for a higher penalty. 

Drivers who park their vehicle on the footpath, bus lane or cycle track will see the fines double from February 1st. 

The new penalty increases were announced by Eamon Ryan, The Minister of Transport at the beginning of the year.

The changes will see fines for parking on the footpath, for example, double from €40 to €80 from today.

At the time of the announcement, Eamon Ryan said it was hoped the higher penalties will encourage a "more considerate" use of road space.

"Parking on footpaths puts vulnerable pedestrians, such as wheelchair users and those pushing buggies, at significant risk by forcing them off the footpath and into traffic," the Minister said.

"Parking in bus and cycle lanes endangers cyclists and undermines State investment in sustainable public transport infrastructure.

"These increases should help improve the safety of all vulnerable road and footpath users, by creating a more effective deterrent to these specific forms of illegal parking."


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