The random trick to stop your car windows from fogging up

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The random trick to stop your car windows from fogging up

You may have heard about how to defrost your windscreen in the morning with a mixture of water and alcohol but have you heard about how to defog your windows on the inside?

We have all experienced it; the 'frozen windows' season where we have to wait for what seems like forever until our windows clear before we can safely drive off.

Definitely, waiting for your car windows to defog in the morning can be frustrating and a waste of time.

As usual, some genius on the internet has come up with a solution for this problem.

You may have heard of 'life hack' websites which can give you endless solutions to the small everyday problems that we encounter. One of these life hack sites has revealed that the key to keeping your car windows fog free is, of all things, cat litter.

Cat litter, believe it or not, is super absorbent. It has to be, considering what it's original purpose actually is.

Cat Litter to defog your windows.

The process is actually really simple:

    • First of all, find a pair of old socks but make sure they do not have holes in them.
    • Fill the first sock to the ankle with silica cat litter just like a sausage. When you have it filled, tie a knot in the end.
    • Next, you may like to place the newly formed silica sausage inside the second sock for added support of your new defogging pack.
    • You can then place it on your dashboard or even under the front car seat if you wish to be more discreet about it.
    • The cat litter silica pack will absorb any moisture in the car and prevent your windows from fogging up.
    • Don't expect a complete change after one night, though, as it might take a few days before you notice a real difference.

There are various videos on YouTube which show the DIY trick such as the one below.

Remember, though, that your car still has the dehumidifying vents. It may take a little longer with the heater on but by switching on the air conditioning, it can speed up the process much faster.

Happy motoring!


Justin Kavanagh
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