Street electric car chargers to get more funding

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Street electric car chargers to get more funding

Extra Funds for the electric vehicle charging network

A pilot scheme is being rolled out in Ireland which will allow homeowners to sell solar-panel electricity to the national grid

By the end of the year, all councils around the country will also be getting more capital investment to develop up to 200 on-street chargers for electric vehicles.

A new Climate Action Plan report has been commissioned by the Government to supposedly tackle climate breakdown. The report purports to set out measures aimed at improving the take-up of electric vehicles (EVs).

It would seem from this plan that the Government will propose a new type of car scrappage scheme. The draft plan commits Ireland to developing:

“the electronic vehicle charging network necessary to support the growth of EVs to at least 800,000 by 2030, and set a target for the supply of infrastructure to stay sufficiently ahead of demand”.

Home car charging point

Grants for home vehicle charging points are being proposed for apartment blocks. Non-residential buildings with more than 20 car spaces will be required to install a minimum number of recharging points by 2025.

They also claim that by 2021, 70 per cent of all electricity will come from renewable sources by 2030. The pilot scheme will allow homeowners to sell electricity that they have generated through their solar panels back to the national grid.

The Commission for Energy Regulation (CRU) will roll out a smart metering programme and billing for electricity, which will “go live” by the final quarter of 2020, the plan says.

Next year they will introduce ‘smart’ metering services which will enable consumers to shift some of their consumption to off-peak times when electricity is cheaper.


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