How to avoid buying a real lemon

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Don't Buy a Lemon!

Many motorists are presently considering changing their cars. While some buyers are heading towards showrooms for a brand new car, many are turning to the used car market place.

Hence madness ensues! Buying and selling in the used car market place can often be difficult and frustrating. Lets review a possible scenario…

In addition to parading around dealerships and dealing with the mounds of paperwork, sellers often receive low ball offers from dealerships while buyers overpay or end up buying a lemon!

From the seller’s perspective, selling direct is a pain. You not only have to deal with calllemon_wheelss from dealers whom pose as direct owners but you need to be readily available for test drives which are generally cancelled last minute.

On the other end of the spectrum the buyer doesn’t want the colossal duty of researching every car that they are interested in but are petrified to buy a car in fear of it being a dud!  A never ending circle, which doesn’t permit victory or happiness as both buyers and sellers are being squeezed.

My vehicle are fully focused and committed to providing a low costing service to the general public that delivers the most relevant and crucial information on Irish and UK registered vehicles.

We can provide you with a fair and true valuation as well as a history check on any Irish or UK registered vehicle which will ensure that the vehicle was never stolen, imported, clocked, written of, cloned. We provide crucial information that will mutually benefit Buyers and Sellers in the used car market.

Every Vehicle has a past, check if it has a future!


Justin Kavanagh
Justin Kavanagh is a recognised leader in automotive intelligence and vehicle data supply to the entire motor industry. He has almost 20 years experience in building systems from the ground up. As the Managing Director of Vehicle Management System, he understands the need and importance of trustworthy and reliable vehicle history and advice to both the trade and the public.
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