Transport Minister to end bizarre drink driving loophole

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Transport Minister to end bizarre drink driving loophole

Bizarrely, under the current legislation, first-time drink-driving offenders can escape disqualification from driving but Shane Ross, the Minister for Transport has insisted a court should have the option to disqualify drivers if the courts deem it warranted.

The Transport Minister is seeking to reverse a controversial loophole which allows first-time offenders escape disqualification and their licences being revoked.

At the moment, under current law, drivers caught with an alcohol limit of between 50mg and 80mg per 100m

l will receive three penalty points and a €200 fine if it is their first offence.

Controversial Loophole


In response to the current situation, the Minister is preparing the general scheme of a new Bill which would end that “bizarre loophole”.

If passed, the rule is likely to be changed within a matter of months by the department of Transport in conjunction with the Department of Justice.

He is hoping the new rules will be brought before Cabinet by the end of the month and that they are passed.

When questioned further, Shane Ross said he was undecided whether first-time offenders should carry an automatic disqualification.

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