UK to ban diesel and petrol cars by 2040

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The UK Government has said that they will ban all petrol and diesel cars in Britain by 2040.

Many governments around the world have already outlined plans to phase out petrol and diesel combustion engines.

They are trying to combat air pollution and pave the way for electric vehicles and sustainable fuels sources.

The UK is the latest European country to embrace that the future in transportation will be electric vehicles.

The announcement of a new clean-air plan was announced by the UK environment secretary Michael Gove and it comes just two weeks after France unveiled its strategy to become a carbon-neutral nation by ending the sale of fossil-fuel powered cars, also by 2040.

The global shift toward electric vehicles is creating great upheaval in the automotive industry and manufacturers around the world.

Oil companies will also be harmed by reduced diesel and petrol demands. Spark plug and fuel injection manufacturers will also suffer as their products will no longer be needed by plug-in electric cars.

The UK decision to ban all combustion engines by 20140 is partly brought on by stringent EU emission rules that the country must follow even as it is set to leave the bloc.

It is proposed that all local authorities in the UK will have to impose tough levies on the most polluting diesel vehicles as soon as 2020.

The plan is to urge local jurisdictions to reduce emissions first, by fitting diesel vehicles with filters, changing road layouts and removing speed bumps.

The UK plans to invest more than £800 million in driverless and zero-emission vehicle technology. They have also outlined plans to invest £246 million in battery technology research, and BMW AG said on Tuesday it will build an electric version of its iconic Mini compact car in Britain.

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