Vehicles Showing Damage Alerts.

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During our latest study, discovered the top 10 Vehicles With Most Damage Alerts. Our data is compiled from various Credible sources and is used by entire automotive industry ranging from Insurance Companies, Independent Vehicle Assessor's, Financial Institutions, Independent and Franchise Motor Dealers.


Make Model Total
1.)  Ford Focus 67
2.) Nissan Qashqai 66
3.) Volkswagen Passat 62
4.) Audi A4 61
5.) Volkswagen Golf 52
6.) BMW 5 Series 51
7.) Opel Insignia 48
8.) Skoda Octavia 34
9.) BMW 3 Series 34
10.) Ford Fiesta 30

From the above Table we can see that,  Ford Focus showed the most Alerts during the month of August.  Nissan Qashqai was second with 66 vehicles to be showing Damage Alerts.

This information is crucial and should be considered when buying Used vehicles. As the number of Damaged Vehicles increases in Ireland it is quite essential to know the background of the Vehicle, before you invest your hard earned cash into it. will help you find the right vehicle with right history.


irish and uk flags IRL/GB