VRT and vehicle registration during Covid-19

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VRT and registration during Covid-19

Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) appointments during Covid-19


When you import a vehicle into Ireland you are required to register it within 30 days at the VRT office which is located at the NCT centre.


All National Car Test (NCT) centres have been opened since 29 June, albeit, at reduced capacity.


At the moment, because of the reduced capacity customers may not be able to obtain their preferred dates and even then conditions are subject to rapid change in line with health and safety guidelines.


In view of the current situation with corona virus, for inspections carried out up to this week, all vehicles presented for vehicle registration will be valued based on the date they are presented.


It is also something to note, that the VRT will be based on the value of the vehicle as Revenue deems it to be and not based on what you paid for the vehicle. For example, you could get an amazing deal on a car which is below the Open Market Selling Price (OMSP) but your VRT could very well be based on a higher value.


Up until September 30th customers were not being charged any additional VRT if they exceeded the 30-day limit because of NCT closures. The situation has now changed and after 30 September, the 7-day requirement to make an appointment and the 30-day requirement to register is being enforced.  


The NCT has also been operating a pre-inspection service via its Mobile Units to Authorised Traders subject to availability. Registration of vehicles through the Revenue Online Service has not been interrupted and Authorised Traders should continue to register their vehicles on ROS before delivery to their customers.


Customers can contact Revenue via MyEnquiries with any questions they may have. Queries regarding pre-inspections or import/export examinations can be directed to the NCTS.

irish and uk flags IRL/GB