Buying a used car in Ireland may be riskier than buying in the UK

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5 main reasons why buying a used car in Ireland carries more risk than that of our British counterparts

Why the first step in purchasing a used car should be to check the background history of the vehicle.

Here are the reasons why:

UK: Written-Off Vehicles – Category Write-off A, B, C & D disclosed 

IRELAND: Written-Off Vehicles – Category Write-off A & B, C & D NOT disclosed

In the UK, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) disclose Category Write-off’s A, B, C & D which are provided to companies like and prevent unknowingly purchasing a vehicle that has been previously been written off.

In stark contrast to that, in Ireland, the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport (DTTAS) only disclose Category Write-off’s A & B, which dramatically increases the risk and chances of purchasing a vehicle that was previously written off as a category C or D.

Fortunately, have spent years building up a database of seriously damaged vehicles and highlight these if we have a record.

UK: Clocked Vehicles – MOT mileage readings disclosed

IRELAND: Clocked Vehicles – NCT & CVRT do not disclose any mileage readings

In the Uk, the Ministry Of Transport (MOT) disclose all recorded mileage readings, which highlight the date of each entry.

In Ireland, the National Car Test (NCT) do not disclose any mileage readings, which they class as a data protection issue.

UK: Safe Vehicles – MOT Pass and Fail reports disclosed

IRELAND: Safe Vehicles – NCT & CVRT do not disclose any Pass or Fail reports

In the UK, the Ministry Of Transport (MOT) disclose all pass and fail reports, which highlight the safe and potentially unsafe aspects of a vehicle.

In Ireland, the National Car Test (NCT) do not disclose any vehicle information, which they also class as a data protection issue.

UK: Vehicle History Checks – 80% of the UK public run a check prior to purchase

IRELAND: Vehicle History Checks – 20% of the Irish public run a check prior to purchase

In the UK, vehicle background history checks have been available for many years and the general public within the UK have been educated in the importance of purchasing these history checks prior to buying any used vehicle.

In Ireland, vehicle background history checks are a relatively new concept to the Irish used car buyer, so the importance of these checks are yet to be fully understood or appreciated until it’s normally too late.

UK: Stolen Vehicles – Police National Computer Services do disclose this data

IRELAND: Stolen Vehicles – An Garda Síochána do not disclose this data

In the UK, stolen vehicle records are held on the Police National Computer Services system who have given several UK vehicle data providers access to this information.

In Ireland, stolen vehicle records are held, controlled and operated by An Garda Síochána within their PULSE system (Police Using Leading Systems Effectively) and this information is not disclosed to any third party company.

If you are buying a used vehicle, wouldn’t it be worth spending €19 to have a background check done to make sure it was okay? are one of Ireland’s leading vehicle data check companies, with the most competitive and low costing reports. will provide a report on all Irish and UK registered vehicles, (cars, vans, bikes, trucks, etc).

A vehicle history check can indicate whether a vehicle was an insurance write-off, previously damaged, clocked, stolen, previous taxi, under finance, imported and much more.

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