Will Autonomous Cars of the Future be Gyms on the Go?

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Will Autonomous Cars of the Future be Gyms on the Go?

Have you ever thought about what you could do in an autonomous vehicle if you didn’t have to drive?

Well, using your car for something other than just driving is not that far away and there will be endless possibilities opened up to what people can do behind the wheel (in fact, there won’t be a steering wheel anymore).

Working out could be one novel way you could spend your time on the commute in your autonomous car.

Autonomous vehicles are the future and they will be everywhere in the not too distant future so the need for safety in the vehicle will largely decrease. Most vehicle crashes are a result of driver error.

This means that driving to work will become one of the safest things you can do and when you are in a safe, reliable environment that requires no human input, you can simply sit back and lift a few weights. The only downfall to this is that you will be sweaty when you get to work and as of yet, showers are not planned for your electric car unless you retrofit one, that is.

There are many other activities you could choose to do in your robotic car and we can leave that up to your imagination. For some, their autonomous car could simply become an extension of their bed and they could have a little snooze on the way to work.

Many will start to live further away from their places of work as they will no longer have the nightmare of a two-hour commute. Set your alarm a little earlier, hop in your car, fall back asleep, and a two-hour commute becomes a two-hour nap.

Sound absurd? Well, it may not be as the ever-changing workplace infrastructure, this could very well be a use of autonomous cars in the future.

Autonomous vehicles will give humans hours back to their day and our everyday productivity could drastically increase.

The autonomous vehicles of the future will present huge potential to a changing mobile workplace.

Will work-outs on the way to work catch on? We’re not so sure but one thing is for sure and that is a huge potential for time-saving in the future with the introduction of autonomous vehicles.



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