Young drivers are struggling under new unaccompanied driver legislation

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Just two months ago, the Government brought in stricter rules around learner drivers driving unaccompanied by a qualified driver.

Unaccompanied learner driver legislationCalls are going out to allow learner drivers to drive a vehicle on the public roads unaccompanied by a qualified driver.

Under the unaccompanied learner driver legislation, young drivers are struggling according to one Cork Councillor.

Melissa Mullane who is a Cork County Councillor said young people are struggling to get to work and college because they do not have a qualified driver to accompany them on their commute. She said:

"Minister Ross seems to think we all live in Dublin, but it's very different living in Dublin than what it is in rural Cork.

"In rural Cork, we don't have the same kind of infrastructure that they have in Dublin; we don't have the same public services.

"There is little or no buses and trains in a lot of the areas in rural Cork so young people going to college or going to work, particularly apprentices, are finding it very difficult to get to work because of the new regulations."

Driver Legislation

The wait time for a driving test in many parts of Ireland, such as Cork can be anything up to 28 weeks.

So what do you think?

  • Should the laws, forbidding learner drivers from driving unaccompanied be reversed?
  • Should young drivers and learner drivers be allowed to drive on their own again?

Unaccompanied Learners


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