Can you tell how many owners has this car had?

Yes, we disclose the exact number of owners, the date each ownership changed hands and we highlight the owner type.

As you can see from our sample report below, this car had 6 previous owners. The report also shows the owner category date, the last purchase date of the car, along with the sale history of the car.

Snippet from a car history check report


No. of owners: 6 (incl. current owner)
Owner category: PRIVATE
Purchase date: 10/10/2014 (8 moths ago)
Sale History from 1/02/2015 - Private (4 months)
from 1/12/2014 - Private (2 months)
from 1/10/2014 - Garage (2 months)
from 3/09/2014 - Garage (28 days)
from 15/08/2014 - Garage (19 days)
from 10/06/2014 - Private (2 months)
from 18/02/2014 - Private (3 months)
from 18/01/2013 - Company (1 year 1 month)
from 10/01/2013 - Garage (8 days)
from 02/01/2012 - State (1year 8 days)

Over 22,000 Cars in Ireland last year had been owned by 10 different people, with one car extraordinarily having 34 previous owners. It’s important to note, that the more owners a car has had in the past, the more need to do a car history report to see if any other issues pop up that you have not have been aware of.

To see how many car owners, the car you’re considering of purchasing has, put in the car registration details below to find out.


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