Ireland's newest motorway to open early

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Ireland's newest motorway to open early

Ireland’s newest motorway, the new Gort to Tuam M17 is set to open by the end of September.

The Gort to Tuam road,as regular users will know, is an extremely busy stretch of road which is overdue relief by a motorway.

It doesn't really matter what time of the day you travel on this road, you are almost guaranteed to get stuck in traffic bottlenecks.

As many will know, Claregalway is an absolute nightmare to get through at the best of times as cars daily find themselves slowly crawling along in the midday rush.

The road has also gone down in Irish music history when the Saw Doctors decided to write such a great song about such a frustrating piece of tarmac.

Even when you get onto the N18 you would think that the traffic conditions would change but you would be extremely wrong.

Clarinbridge is the cause of just as much chaos as Claregalway and many times it can be almost impossible to make it to Gort in the car without feeling a tinge of road rage.

Thankfully, though, all this traffic chaos will dramatically change with the introduction of a new stretch of motorway connecting Tuam and Gort.

The new Gort to Tuam M17 motorway is due to officially open, ahead of schedule on September 27.

The new motorway will avoid that dreaded length of road between Claregalway and Clarinbridge as this map points out.

[caption id="attachment_4804" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Ireland's newest motorway to open early Black route is old road and Green and Blue is the new motorway.[/caption]

All information on the road including pictures can be found on the Tuam to Gort motorway website.

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